Warlords of Warsong


Warlords of Warsong on Rattlegore is an active twink guild looking for more dedicated and skilled members! Join us today!

Warlords of Warsong is a 19 twink guild originally created on Bleeding Hollow (H). Warlords of Warsong grew to be the largest and most active Twink guild ever in retail WoW, with 1000 level 19 members. Since Blizzard destroyed retail Twinking, we moved to Rattlegore Classic (H) and we have started to build back up here. Classic offers a nostalgic feel to veterans and gives a home to the Twink community. Warlords of Warsong plans to once again grow to be the largest and most active Twink guild around. Our main focus will be 19s, but any bracket is welcomed to join our community, and mains of our Twinks are welcomed. We plan to host weekly events to start off, with rewards ranging from Silver, to Gold, to Rare Twink Items, eventually we plan to once again hold Daily Events, with the same rewards and more fun! Join us today and help us create the best twink community in the game.


© 2017 Created by the Council of Warlords of Warsong!

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